Panzergrenadier.1944. 1/16

Some evenings ago I completed painting another one of Jeff Shius exellent 1/16 figures, which hopefully will find its way to a display cabinet soon. I painted it with acrylics and I added decals from Alliance Modelworks to the cap. The base is a M24 shrapnel sleeve which was found in the Kurland Kessel.


Absolutely brilliant, the Smock cam, facial painting are superb and the base is a great touch as always with your builds.


Another great looking figure. :+1::+1:


Really nice action pose- great animation to the face in particular and you’ve really painted it well.

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That is fantastic! Excellent job on that figure. From the camo job to the equipment and flesh areas, a first rate job!

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Great job on the Platenenmuster Camouflage! It looks superb!

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Fine work on this one, great base too.

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