Panzermeister's Post-Build Review of Takom StuG III Ausf.G Early | Armorama


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This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at

Thanks for sharing, Jim!

I like the idea of a post-build review. Thank you!


Hi Evan! You are very welcome and welcome to the new forums! Your videos are excellent.

Concerning the smoke dischargers: can you recommend any other aftermarket set other than Modelkasten? There’s no online shop in Europe offering them.

MBK has the Aber set:

And Ammo offers them 3D printed:

Thank you for the quick reply, varanusk. I think I’ll go for the 3D-printed ones. Same for the tool clamps. There’s a YouTube video, also by Panzermeister36, on how to bend PE tool clamps so that they are workable. I’ve never succeeded in replicating that.

Glad to help!
Note that I have not used any of these products, on the other hand I have tried T-Rex studio 3D printed tool clamps for German vehicles and can recommend them without any doubt.

Great! I purchased a set from T-Rex recently, but I haven’t used them yet. My only complaint with T-Rex is that there are three sets to choose from, but the difference between them could be a bit clearer. I have set #3, which is just called open/closed, which doesn’t say much.

A mate of mine on Scalemates has tried clamps from FC Model Trend and wasn’t very happy with them because the material was very brittle. If he just got a bad batch I can’t tell.

These are the ones I got:

Note that I have read that you should primer them when you get them, otherwise the light keeps curing the resin and they become harder. I haven’t tried it but it will no harm anyway.

That’s the same set I have. Thanks for the nice Review BTW!

Actually they now have two more:

  • 35010 Clamps for German Panzer Set 1
  • 35015 Clamps Pro for German Panzer (this one)
  • 35016 Opened Clamps for German Panzer (Type 2)
  • 35017 Opened Clamps for German Panzer (Type 1)

So set 35015 seems a good choice because you get a good mix of large/small, early/late and closed/open. Set 35010 looks similar and TBH I can’t tell the difference.