Panzerwerfer 42 Tracks

I’m getting back into modeling after a long period of not doing it , so im kinda out of touch, after market tracks ? what are the best companies and can i get tracks for the Panzerwerfer 42 ? the ones that came with the kit are pretty weak.

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I’m not an after market guy really. But find out what type of tracks originally were fitted to the vehicle itself. Or just look up your model on scale mates and scroll down to the aftermarket section.

If the vehicle uses a Maultier chassis, those used the same tracks as the Panzer I.

Minor Model has a nice set of 3D printed tracks that come ready to use (just close the ends):

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ty so much , how di you come up with that?

what are the most popular companies for tracks?

I did a review years ago and i liked a lot the concept, since then they have added some more references:

Model Kasten and Fruiel both made tracks for them.