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Panzerwek offers a wide range of workable tracks for several WWII tanks, including Panther, Tiger, Sherman and more.

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Wow they look superb! It seems there are more choices for aftermarket tracks these days than ever before, wonder how much they cost.

Price seems in line with other 3d printed tracks, $27 to $32 US. But the shock for me was to see the shipping charge. Priority mail was just over $20 for a set and over $36 for Fed ex. For me, this is out of my price range. But they sure do look nice and a good selection.

Somewhere in Ohio

Yeah I’d bow out if that was the shipping. No way

If you order direct from T-Rex Studios for their sets of tracks, they charge $25. Granted you can get them at most online hobby shops. But there are not a lot of options for Sherman tracks in 3D at the moment. I have a set of the Heavy Hobby 3D printed T51 tracks and was not impressed. They look good but are brittle and do not have enough for spares. In my opinion the worn look is overdone on them as well. I have ordered a set of the T54E1 and T48 from Panzerwerk to see how they go together.

IMHO I’ll will stick with the use of metal tracks with a single metal pin.

Are they coming from france?

$25 for shipping itself Nathan ? Just curious because they look excellent and I would love to try a set for one of my pieces of Russian armor . I k ow shipping is expensive these days but I ordered several tank kits recently from Japan and China and shipping was about $15 or less. That’s for a full armor kit.

That is flat rate shipment cost that T-Rex Studio uses if you wish to order direct from them. I find ordering T-Rex stuff from Hobby Easy a lot easier and less costly. I will have to wait and see if the 2 sets I ordered from Panzerwerk are worth the shipment cost.

I have been in contact with Panzerwerk and they confirm that shipping quoted is, as said above, a flat rate for any number of sets and using priority mail.
Additionally, orders above 150$ get free shipping to USA.

I purchased T-Rex Studio TR85056 (King Tiger Tracks 18 Teeth Late Type), which used Przemek Wojdas’s 3D drawings, via fleabay for about thirty bucks plus $3.00 shipping.Excellent product EXCEPT that they are incorrect for a final production (March '45) KT. What you get is approximately 250 right-handed Kgs 73/800/152 links. You can’t place them on the single link hangers on the final KT turret because the studs, using Hilary Doyle’s drawings as reference, don’t align with the appropriate cutout on the link. The hanger/studs are located specifically for the left-handed links which were flipped over for use on the right side of the tank. I’ve complained ( more like whined :laughing: ) about this for years. This article corroborated what I’ve been saying all along. I contacted Przemek about this; and, he indicated that he will be printing a corrected Panzerwerk Design set.

Thanks for the heads up Joe gotta check that out.


Przemek is printing the correct left handed links and they’re available on his webstore page now. He also contacted T-Rex to let them know about TR85056 so they can make the same correction.

Have you tried Panda Plastics for the T-51 tracks?

Panda Plastics (

he has two versions; new and worn, plus he sells “skeleton tracks” for replicating tracks on knocked out Shermans.




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Has anyone built and installed any of the sets of Panzerwerk Design 3D Sherman tracks?

Thank you

+1 for the Panda Plastics Sherman tracks A+++! They are inexpensive, accurate, easy to assemble, and detailed. I’ve got about ten sets. Love them.