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Two nice posed 1/16 scale figures and two 1/72 scale multi figure kits from Paracel.

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Wow! The AFV Commander is just… wow! The sculpt, the paint job… wow!

I can’t wait for the rest of the technical crew in 1/35 scale. I’m sure it is coming.


Definitely on that track commander! Nice work, Paracel.

And a little political post there, too, regards the islands. A very subtle message to Achin.

Wow, those two 1/16 figures look stellar! They appear so realistic with their fantastic paint jobs.

I wonder if Parcel Miniatures can “Advance the date” and create 1/16 military figures beyond the Vietnam War.

Yeap, I agree that would be just as brilliant and just as welcome as these offerings. I also have to say, as you and others have, that the sculpt is top notch. The character in the face is damn good- this is a ‘must buy’!

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I have the Verlinden 1/16 M-113 and I have yet to build it. If only they would make the whole crew in that size…

I will get the 1:72 figures. I’m glad Paracel goes into such depth in that range.

HobbyEasy is listing these two 1/16 resin figures as close to $50 USD and they should be available in a few days.

I inquired about the 1/16 modern SAS “Captain P” and that is further away from stocking and is not listed yet.

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