Parachute Tanks

Did the Hermann Goering Fallschirm-Panzer Div.'s armored crews (In particular Stug III in Italy) use any Luftwaffe blue uniform bits? Hats, trousers? I figure desert tan uniform parts would be common. Feldgrau?

In Europe they used the standard Stug uniform with the Luftwaffe/Fallschirmjager collar insignia, in Sicily and Italy they mostly wore the desert style uniform due to the warm climate how ever in the winter months they seemed to switch to the assault gun uniform. Ospreys Panzer uniforms is a good reference for this information.

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Parachute Tanks ?

Yes, all HG’s tanks were air dropable…



OIP (5)
PRC ZBD-03 Airborne IFV

Russian army airborne troops parachuted BMD-2 armoured with crew inside Ria Novosti - YouTube

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