Paraguay reactives thier Shermans

Not sure if this is the correct page for this or the WW2 page but anyway
i just read something that Paraguay is reactivating the 3 Shermans they retired back in 2018

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That’s because their closest enemy only has a couple of M3 Stuarts! :joy:
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Excellent, if it`s not a fake news. I hope its right.
This Sermans are a gift of the Argentine gobernement.

If you think in Bolivia. They have SK-105

My buddy in cali told me about it yesterday
i think it will be interesting to add a Sherman to my modern MBT collection already looking into it
just need to decide on either the short hull M4 composite, M4 welded hull or the M4A4 firefly allready have Hellers AMX13-105mm the way for thr donor kit for the gun

I don’t think Paraguay has any external enemies. There’s a Communist insurgency, called the Paraguayan Army of the People, which presumably has no tanks. Against such rabble, even these old Shermans can be a great asset.

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