Part for old Dragon late Stug III G needed

Recently I was working on finishing the old Imperial series late Stug III when the carpet monster ate the front half of one of the Alkett style steel return rollers! If someone has this part and doesn’t need it I’d be happy to buy it or trade for it. It’s an old shelf queen and I’d really like to complete it. You can message me here or email me at
Thanks! Bob

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What do they look like? I’m working on an old Gunzy Imperial Dragon Pz IV F1 kit that has some spare Pz III parts in it.

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I think it could be the E-sprue

Could be bundled with the I-sprue


Yup, that’s them on the E sprue.

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Sorry, I didn’t find any of those.

I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a set of TRex resin return rollers. They probably cost more than the kit is worth, but I want to finish the d*** thing and get it off my shelf of doom! Thanks to those who tried to help.
Regards, Bob