Patriot launcher & Radar Trumpeter 1:35

Latest build, almost out of the box, some details added like cables and wires and “tent” behind radar.
Kit is few years old now, so everybody knows by now.
Only trouble I had was Matt finish, I can’t get the shine out of the finished model.
All painted with Tamiya and weathered with oil wash, no pigments etc.

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Those really look fantastic! I was in a Patriot battery for four years, and I’ve wanted to do some Patriot models, so these might just fit the bill. I don’t have the talent to do all the Big 4, but these are definitely a start. Very well done.


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Looks great. Very impressive build and it has been done with a lovely finish. I like the contrasting desert cam tube against the 3 tone ones. Nice :+1:

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Really nice looking set!!

Nicely done! I love the depth you’ve given to the NATO camo.


Very nice work
The camo variety really looks good

Really nice…!

Those look really nice. Great job. My daughter is a Patriot Launcher Platoon Leader at Ft Hood and I plan to make her a few of the vehicles in her PLT.

Very nice work.

Awesome! The oil washes really make these kits pop and stand out. Not many modelers use oil washes so yours look very unique.