Patriot model and m983

I was winding if anybody can answer a couple of questions for me. I want to get the trumpeter kit for the patriot launcher and the radar that goes with it. The two questions that I have are can u build them in a stowed position and can u build the trumpeter m983 kit and connect the trailer to the kit?
Thank You

Yes to all your questions. The truck and launcher/radar can be attached if the launcher/radar is stowed. They can also be built in the firing position separate from the truck if you want.

Would u happen to have any pics that I could see

Here is mine.

The legs on the trailer can be built in the up position and the launcher can be stowed in the down position.


Hey Gino, they give you option to put .50 on the truck or is that your mod?

The .50cal mount was my mod. The ring mount is from Italeri’s HEMTT Gun Truck kit.

The exposed engine is from Real Model. I highly recommend it if you like to show off engines.



Nice work Gino. Now, i have yet to see a photo of Hemtt with a gun mount unless it was a gun truck. So, do you have a reference that you can share? Thank you for your help.

Here’s an example

and another one :

On a M984E1 wrecker :


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Here are a few M983A2 PATRIOT prime movers w/gun mounts.


Thanks guys for wonderful examples. I have the 1/35 Trumpeter M983 and being able to put a gun mount will sure add unique character to the already cool truck.

@HeavyArty, did you build your Patriot Launcher kit as wip online.?

Talking about gun mount, I’ve just came across this issue of The Preventive Maintenance Monthly :

that includes this :

The M66 ring mount is the one used on the HEMTT…But you can do without it, as in the first picture I’ve posted.

Here’s the cantilerver arm fitted to the M66 gun mount on a LMTV/FMTV truck :