Pearl Harbor B5N2

What green would be appropriate for the upper surfaces of the Kates used at Pearl Harbor (Kaga’s in particular. Know theirs had brown tails … any t thoughts on that color?) I have AK 3 Gen D1 and D2 greens but I am under the impression those are later war colors. Am planning on doing the B5N that torpedoed USS Nevada (and I believe Nevada shot down and crashed where the Ford Island end of Admiral Clarey Bridge is. ) Anybody happen to know the aircraft number? (All I have found is it was AII-3??. Crew was Kumamoto, Matsuda, Umezu (?) (Kumamoto and Umezu’s bodies were recovered from the crash. Matsuda swam to Foord Island and was shot/ killed by a Marine guard.) Other aircraft in section was piloted by Mori(?).Kaga Kates that I know were not the Nevada attacker were AII- 305,311,312,324, or 356 … they attacked other ships. AII- 308, 316,318, 352 were assigned as level bombers.)

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I believe I used Tamiya rattle can AS-17 on mine, lower surfaces were AS-29 but mine was NOT a Pearl Harbor Kate.

I am currently doing a late war A6M5c and that is that dark green as you mention D1 or D2, almost a black-green.

From this reference…

Pearl Harbor Kates - carrier Kaga
Torpedo aircraft

Bomb aircraft

From Eagle Strike decals - Pearl Harbor Kaga set .

It would appear that all Kates from Kaga were IJN dark green on the upper surfaces.
IJN Ame- iro undersides-some may have been natural metal .
I did not see anything indicating brown tails .
The go to for color is Nick Millman’s Aviation of Japan site .
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Relic from crashed B5N2 Kate torpedo bomber at Navy Hospital, Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Supposedly a Kate from carrier IJN Kaga.
Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 12-23-06 B5N2 Kate Artifacts-IJN Kaga crashed torpedo Kate

This is the reference I have on the Kaga’s Torpedo planes. It states all but one of the B5Ns had brown tails. There is a group of photos of the one that crashed at the hospital too. #17 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Kaga’s torpedo bombers ( This is the level bombers. #20 - PEARL HARBOR raid - Kaga’s high level bombers (