Peddinghaus Decals 1/350 Scharnhorst

I was considering purchasing the decals they make for the camo on the hull. They are not cheap, so i was curious if anyone here has used the decals and what they thought about them.


Personally I would mask and paint them.

That is a pretty difficult masking job for me. The decal seems a lot easier, but just not sure if it is worth it.

Anyone use these decals in the past?

No, sorry…but I’m with brekinapez there - I just imagine I fumble one of the decals while attaching them. Breaking it, a small bubble underneath, whatever. That will kill the whole thing.
A fumbled masking can always be repaired - touch ups, small corrections, re-done if it’s really bad. But I’d assume those decals ‘don’t forgive’…

I may be wrong as I haven’t used them, that’s only my consideration why I would not use them.