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Perfect Scale Modellbau has three new sets for ICM Unimog S404

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Those resin tarps are a huge improvment in comparison with the kit element.
A similar update set for the Unimog U1300L from Revell would be great.

Just to clarify: the ICM kit only comes with a canvas roof for the cab area; there is nothing for the cargo bed. FC Model Trend also do a tarp, wheels (and a few other things), but it irks the hell out of me when such an obvious reuirement is left out of the kit. I’m not a great scratch tarp-maker - though I know there are some who are - and hats off, but this is a serious deficency and it looks like I’ll be shelling out extra cash - probably to PSM - in addition to the kit price.

It’s nice to get a plastic Unimog ICM, but come on…