Periscope on Type VII U Boat

Looking for inspiration before making a start on my 1/350-scale Type VIIC, I have come across various sea dioramas featuring this vessel. In many cases, the modeller has shown the periscope raised to full height, even with the submarine travelling on the surface of the water. Would it not have been lowered in this situation, and only raised when needed while the submarine was submerged?


I guessed that it would be done to gain the advantage of being able to see further away from the submarine. The answers in that Quora discussion confirms my initial guess.


Coincidentally, I did have that exact thought after I had posted my question.
Thanks for confirming this for me.


There are two periscopes on a type VII. The forward one is an observation scope (the one that goes down into the control room) which has a better field of view and better light gathering properties and the attack periscope which is used from a (cramped) position within the conning tower. The attack periscope also has an antenna wrapped around it which would probably benefit from being raised?