Peterbilt 6x6 oilfield winch truck

Hi model builders,

About a year ago I built this model truck. I started with a 1/24 AMT Peterbilt kit, but when it was done, I hadn’t used much of it. I kept the cab, and the basic engine, but the rest was scratch and aftermarket built. The front and rear axles, tires and wheels, and parts of the winches are from Kit Form Services.

To make it a 6x6 I made front leaf springs and suspension from brass stock and evergreen. The rear suspension is a combination of scratch and KFS parts, it’s a walking beam that is posable (that is, you can tilt the axles like the real thing). I used really small RC U-joints, so I could make posable drivelines, to accept suspension flex and not snap off.

I also added a PTO system that sends power from the transmission to the front and rear to power the various winches.

You’ll see the hood/bonnet represents the newer versions that Peterbilt uses, which was scratch built. Beyond this, there was lots of scratch work, gin poles and all.

It was a fun build - please have a look:

The interior of the cab turned out fine - but is hard to photograph. You’ll also see four shift levers, trans, transfer case, and front and rear PTOs.

This turned out to be a project that was as interesting to research as it was to build - lots about these trucks that I didn’t and still don’t know. Below you’ll see a few WIP images:

Above, you can see what I mean by “posable” rear suspension. I scrathbuilt a Hendrickson set up, and as you can see, it pivots as planned.

It’s a bit hard to see above, but I set up chain drives from the PTO to the winches - the chain drive is from a 1/12 scale motorcycle kit.

I did what I could to update the kit engine, firewall, engine bay, and spent too much time getting the steering to look right and remain posable.

And the hood - no fun at all - the version on the left (white) was the first try - close, but wrong, so, second try in primer - which is closer. The geometry of this is more complicated than it may look, and was certainly a challenge!

And there you have it - thanks for having a look -

Cheers, and happy model building!


Just marvelous Nick !
Kudos to you on the photography as well - I thought I was looking at the actual truck . Seriously.
Cheers- Richard

Outstanding build!

I thought it was real at first too- a master at both modelling and photography! Just a beauty of a piece- the metal work on it is quite possibly the most realistic I’ve seen on a model truck. Lovely to see your scratchwork too- you can appreciate just how much work you put into it.

Absolutely fantastic!


Outstanding, Stick!

Yeap, the first image had me fooled as well … I thought that was the real truck you were using as a reference !!!

Absolutely outstanding build — Your scratch building skill is at the top of the summit … Brilliant.

Another stunning build Nick, brilliant job mate! I can imagine the rabbit-holes you went down to find reference images for this one.

Cheers, D

HI guys, glad to see there are other big truck fans out there :grinning:

@RDT1953, hi Richard, thanks very much. I really like taking outdoor photos of the final product. I must look pretty ridiculous walking around my nhood with models and dios in order to find the right place and light for pictures, but I do it :smile:

@Taffy3 , thanks very much!

@Karl187, thanks, and glad you notice the various metal surfaces. They are fun to work up - really rusty or pretty clean. I’ve figured out that if you don’t quite get either right, well, in daylight, you can tell a mile away! :smile: The daylight pictures force honesty - if not right, it’s pretty easy to tell. On another recent project, I got lazy and didn’t add much weather/grime to the inside of a wheel and tire - and of course, with the photos…well, it looked like a real truck with a toy wheel!! oh well - live and learn :smile:

@jimb, Hi Jim, thanks!

@kosprueone, Hi KSO, thank you - appreciate it. This was a fun project and I’m glad it looks convincing.

@Johnnych01, Hi John, thanks! I like doing scratch work, and practice certainly helps, It takes (me) a lot of trial and error. As I mention above, the outdoor photos become a real truth test - some things look fine indoors, then when the sun shines, well - you can see immediately if it works or not! :sweat_smile:

@AussieReg, Hi D, thanks! Your observation is spot on. I have come to count on pictures of trucks posted at on-line auction sites, which frequently include many. That said, they sometimes open the door of exploration even wider than when you start. The winches on this truck are chain driven, something I knew nothing about, so of course had to learn more and see if I could do it! even if largely invisible :smile:

Thanks for having a look,



Total realism like @Johnnych01 said, with all the details :beer: