Phase 2 clone trooper 3d printed

The file was free from 3d cults.

I painted the clone trooper in white as per usual and then blue to represent 501st legion.

These will be added forthcoming dio with a droids


Looks really nice. Good colours as well.

Crisp with a little wear, looks very good.

They look great. I’ve got the same one downloaded, did you print at 1/6 or 1/12 scale?

Thanks for the comments

Dixon 66 I have not got a clue what size I just printed the file, deffo not 1/6

How many millimeters from head to toe? This will give you an idea.

Standard scales:

1/72 = 25mm

1/64 = 28mm

1/35 = 52mm

1/25 = 70mm

1/20 = 90mm

1/18 = 100mm

1/15 = 120mm

1/12 = 150mm


that phase 2 clone looks fantastic, is there an option for a phase one version as i prefer the look of those original clones.

I also use 1:12 is ~6inches and 1:6 is ~12inches (funny how that works out)

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Dixon 66

It’s 1/12 scale just measured

Thanks for the info.