Photo editing app Krita questions

I’am having a high end Android tablet which I believe is more than capable to work with photo’s, edit them etc. Just the same as with a desktop or laptop computer with Windows or Mac. To be precise, I have a Huawei Matepad Pro with Harmony OS. And when I bought it, it was the highest end model I could possibly buy. And it has topnotch high end hardware build in. But when I searched on YouTube for tutorial video’s on how to use Krita on Android tablet to edit photo’s etc. I didn’t got the results I was looking for. Only how to do things on a desktop or laptop computer. Now in a previous answer of my asking about the possibilities of editing photo’s on a tablet. I got the answer back, that there probably is someone here who has more expert knowledge on this subject. Who can help me out with this question. And that’s why I’m posting this here, now.
I don’t have a high end computer to work with but my smartdevices are top notch. And I want to get out of them what they have. Put them to even better use. And that’s why I want to work with my tablet instead on that front.

Im far from an expert and only use Krita on my tablet very infrequently. All i can advise is to use a pen.

I have that.

Krita Android for tablets is available on the Google Play site and the Huawei’s Harmony OS is supposed to support Android Apps. Or is that not what you’re asking?

I’m sorry if you don’t understand my question properly, maybe I have not worded it good enough. What I’m basically looking for, is someone with more in-depth knowledge of how the Krita app for Android works. Is it just the same as with the computer? Except here it is all done with the pen touching the screen? Are there maybe different shortcuts for tablets who have keyboards to them?

I hope this helps to explain a little bit better what I’m actually trying to accomplish with this questions.

And yes, Harmony OS does fully support Android apps. The only difference is that the task managing of apps is way better. And it doesn’t have Google on it. Replacing Google are Huawei’s own mobile services. Which in general work pretty good. Solid, reliable doesn’t go wrong.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m sorry to say I’ve no experience on a tablet except for a drawing tablet (Wacom) as an interface with my PC. I did find Krita’s support documents useful and they may be of use to you. Here’s a link:

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Good Luck.


As i said above i dont use Krita on my Android tablet very often. But most of what i recall its just like using a desktop/laptop.

Thank you for taking the time to read my topic and replying to it.

@Colder I will take a look at the link you provided, thank you. And this might be a chance for me to share what I’ve learned here to help others out. Who might be having a similar question or problem.

@BGT Thank you for your answers as well, I might keep this in mind and search also for tutorials on YouTube. Also helping me out to learn how to work with Krita on my tablet. It would be a great usage of my tablet. Getting everything out of it what’s in it. And it might benefit me a lot on long term.

If you Google “using Krita on Android tablet” you will get a number of dedicated videos.
Keep in mind that Krita isnt a dedicated photo editor. It can edit but its main purpose is an “artistic” tool.

I didn’t knew that, do you know if there are any dedicated Android apps that are dedicated photo editing apps?