Photo Etch for Older 1/35 Tamiya Challenger 2 Desertized

Hey All,

Here’s going to be an of-the-wall question. I have several copies of the Tamiya Challenger 2 Desertized (No. 35274). I think it’s still a great kit, over 20 years on, though I have a few of the new Rye Field Challenger 2 kits also. I’m wondering if anyone recalls seeing, and perhaps knows, whether the canvas extensions to the bottom of the side skirts (on the real tank used to reduce the amount of desert dirt and dust thrown onto the tank) were ever represented in aftermarket photo etch. I’ve seen photos of unpainted models that appear to show those canvas extensions in photo etch, but the aspect of that is not so much the ‘canvas’ parts, but there were T shaped components that I believe were part of the extensions, to provide structural rigidity and maybe keep the canvas panels together, and minimize gaps where the dust could get through. I have a bunch of Eduard and Voyager photo etch for this kit, but these do not include anything related to these canvas extensions. I’m sure this is a request in vain, as I’ve never seen any photo etch of this aspect of this kit, but it’s a shot in the dark. Thanks if you can help me.