Photo upload into Armorama "Photos" not working

I’m trying to upload 3 walkarounds of the 3 Pershing missile variants and am unable to get any photo to upload. Most of the photos are in the 3mb range. Thinking that might be too large, I tried to upload one that was only 283kb. It failed with the same error. I’ve tried drop and drag, and hitting the '+" button with the same results. I tried the URL but it doesn’t like URL’s to my D: drive.

Strange… The bigger ones may not load because of the size, however the smaller should be fine. Are they jpg ? can you send it to me to see if there is any problem with the file?

It does appear to be related to the image size. I started over today by creating a new photo gallery. I was able to upload jpeg photos in the 200-300kb range. It errors out when I try to upload the full size jpegs in the 2-4mb range. What is the image size limit?



I think the content sites have a 2MB max file size limit or there abouts.

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