Photos of 5-ton Trucks - M813, M923

Looong time ago - in 2001 I’ve been studying in Kaiserslautern, Germany and as a modeller from Poland I was fascinated by the presence of US troops and equipment literally everywhere around town. Back then I took some photos, I’m posting some of them and if anybody has some use for them or just like to take a look, please let me know and I’ll scan and post more.

Here are some photos from a boneyard in Enkenbach. You could actually see the then already closed runway in Sembach AFB:

Nice MERDC on an M813:

This one is an M814 Long wheelbase truck:

This is a dump truck cab interior:

This one is from a company in Kaiserslautern repairing active US Army trucks:

So please let me know what do you think? Wanna see some more? Thanks for looking and have a nice day



Always appreciate photos of support equipment. Infantry, MBT’s and Arty do not function w/out supply!!

K-Town is a beautiful place. I spent a few days there in summer of '05 on my way back to the Balkans and a week in the woods outside of there during REFORGER 84. Please do post anymore photos that you might have from there!

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How timely.

Hello! Thanks a lot for your comments! If you can use these photos then I’m glad and I’ll post some more:

These were neare the Opel factory - Rhine Ordnance Barracks:

Enkenbach - trucks stored doggy style…

For Gino:

Victim of the plague - traffic accidents:

Nice frame shot:

Wrecker - lots of MERDEC in the background:

And I have more if you want them!

@Stikpusher - I liked the town a lot, too! It was so cool to see landing Hercs, Galaxies and Globemasters over my head, almost all the time, listen to Armed Forces Radio or be able to go shopping to the surplus shop - even the film I shot the above on was bought there. It was a little like this town combined the best sides of an American and German town :slight_smile: I see if I can find photos of the city itself, too.

Have a nice day!


Thanks. Yes, the more the merrier. Post away.

OK, here are some more:

For starters some nice MERDEC Vans:

A trailer and lots of tanker bodies:

These were trucks pulled out of storage and prepared to be moved under their own power to some museum in Belgium. The tan machines are Desert Storm veterans:

And these babies were in Sembach, on the grounds of former AFB:

I hope you like them - thanks for looking and have a nice day


Pretty much all of the ones you posted in your last post above are M35 2 1/2 ton variants, not 5 tons. The last pic has a couple of M923 5-tons (squashed).