Photos of Spanish Renault FT-17s?

Does anyone have any pictures (or even just information on the markings, armament etc.) of Renault FT-17s from the Spanish Civil War? Especially if they are of the first pre-war batch rather than the later wartime deliveries from Poland + France. My first problem is identifying which weapons were used (Puteaux or Hotchkiss), and secondarily how they were painted - in the Rif War, they wore a WW1-style camo scheme, but I’ve heard from some sources that they wore a solid drab scheme when back on the continent. I hear that Las Armas de la Guerra Civil Española by Manrique and Molina Franco has some good info, but it seems to command a very high price, if it is even available. Thanks for any advice/help.

FC Model Trend has released some Spanish Civil War decals for the FT :



The original spanish FT17s were green in 1936, armament was the 37mm Puteaux gun and the Hotchkiss MG. I have the book you mention by Franco/Manrique, it does have some pictures but they can also be found on the net.

Here are two pictures showing FT17 in nationalist service, the easiest way to spot the original pre-36 tanks is the look for the serial number and arm of service written on the side of the hull beneath the turret;
ft17 nat

Republican (in Madrid)

Colourprofiles from the FC Model Trend decals sheet:

Some pictures of pre-36 FT-17s from 1936/37 can be seen here, look for the inscription beneath the turret: