Pin Wash / Wash over Anti Slip texture?

What is your opinion about this topic?

I do a wash with a darker shade of my base color. I avoid using black/dark brown or similar because the contrast is too high and makes the surface look dirty.

A good earth color like raw umber, raw sienna, or a light grayish sand… in the recesses is where a lot of that stuff will build up in real life.

Thanks for the good ideas!

Tamiya do some grey panel liners that go lovely into non-slip texture. Particularly effective if you’ve already done your vehicle panel liner wash in black or dark brown. Every bit of colour variation you get in the grime and dirt you’re adding on, helps.


I usually use the base, then add a bit of darker wash. Then dry brush. With progressive lighter colors until the desired tone is met. Then, either spatter or dip spots on the area. Top shelf!


Could someone provide a few good pictures of well accented anti-slip on a model that would be a good reference?