Pioneering Tools

What colors do you use?

Which era and nationality?

WW2 US, and German

Dark grey/ steel for metal. Tool handles (except German wire cutters) were wood, Often painted over with the base coat. I like to keep mine in wood color by using a light buff under cost followed by brown oils for wood grain. I find this adds some nice contrast over the base coat.

German wire cutter handles were Bakelite an orangish reddish purple color


German tools tended to come coated in a heavy black or dark gray lacquer to protect the metal, although that would wear where handled and chip where used. The wood was also varnished but that would wear fairly quickly out in the elements and as mentioned would often get overpainted when the crew applied camo or whitewash if it was something paint wouldnā€™t hurt.

The wire cutters indeed had Bakelite handles. They had to be nonconductive for cutting electrical wiring. The cutters themselves were in the black lacquer I mentioned above.

I generally paint my wooden handles as new and weather the metal parts, and then attach them to the vehicle after the base coat but before any ā€˜field applicationsā€™ to allow some wood to show.


US on vehicle tools were painted OD like the vehicle. It is hard to find colour pics that show tools on the vehicle, but not covered in dustā€¦ or that have been colourised.

TIME Magazine original colour pics have this as a good reference to standard fit out to all vehicle types and the crew option to paint the camo right over the tools !:

That said, I still use artistic license and paint the wooden handles similar to Mead for that touch of interestā€¦