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This is a review by Randy L Harvey of the book, Pirate Queens – The Lives of Anne Bonny & Mary Read from Pen & Sword Books by author Rebecca Alexandra Simon.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://modelshipwrights.com/news/pirate-queens---the-lives-of-anne-bonny-mary-read
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Very interesting book. Fascinating subject. “Plead the belly!”. I can see why Treasure Island is such a popular book. I just finished The Pirate Hunter, about the life and trial of Captain Kidd so seeing the poor soul swinging there at execution dock is ironic. Cool subject I hope they come out with more like this. I wonder if anybody’s ever done us illustrative book about notorious pirate ships?

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Thank you for getting this posted for me Fred. For some reason I wasn’t able to use the “create” link on this page.

I’m not sure but that would be an interesting title. The golden age of piracy has been a favorite subject of mine since my teen years. I am pretty sure I all but wore out the copy of the Time/Life book “The Pirates” from the school library. Thanks to eBay as I was able to get a copy of it for myself. Still a very interesting book. It also has a section dedicated to Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Time-Life - The Pirates

Thanks again Fred,