Pisani Battery Museum, Cavallino-Treporti (VE), Italy

Named atfter the supreme commander of the Venetian fleet who won a great victory against their arch-enemy Genua in 1380, this battery is part of the defences of the Venetian coast line. It was constructed in the period 1902-19012. At the time, it was build a couple of metres from the water line, behind a large dune of clay and sand. This to protect it from observation and direct gun fire. Nowadays the coastline has moved bout 100 metres more east ward, and he sea can no longer been seen from the battery. Because of it’s location behind the dune, the battery was armed with 6 280mm howitzers, with a range of 10.500 metres. All across the peninsula where the battery is located buildings belonging to the defence line can be seen. The most conspicuous are the observation towers (14 of them!). These provided the capacity to triangulate the potential foes and therefore enhance the accuracy of the batteries.
The restoration of the site started in 2004 with a first clean up, with the real (re)building commencing in May 2016. The summer of 2017 witnessed the opening to public of the museum.
I was there in 2017, and if I understand correctly, the Italians are busy extending the museum to other buildings of the defensive system. The battery houses a nice collection of Italian and German equipment from WW1 and WW2, telling it’s history during both wars.
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Another nice little insight into old European defence works. And like the others, its equally nice to see them restored to these high standards. Thanks for posting again Erwin.

Yet I only scratched the surface here… There is so much more to discover.
I did exhaust my archive of (digital) pictures with this one however (I thought I already did this with my previous post, yet found out I had these still up my sleeve), so you will all have to wait till I restocked. Maybe during the summer holiday…