Pistol port on early Mid production Tiger 1

I am wondering what the Pistol port looked like on the mid tigers with fifel air filters. I know Italeri did this kit but the turret is not correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

OK, now I am also waiting for someone to respond.

Was not aware of a “pistol port” on any Tiger. (Not say’n you’re wrong, just hoping to learn something new.)

There was a pistol port on some Shermans and the Tiger I had a rear turret escape hatch plus what might look like an armored pistol port over the gun optics in the mantlet. ???

Enquiring minds want to know!

The “pistol port” on a sherman was primarily for ejecting spent ammo cases, not shooting a pistol thru. A number of other tanks, including the German Leopard series, have used them. The ultimate form of this is the shell ejection system used in Russian tanks, T-72, etc.
Some early-mid Tiger 1s had pistol ports as seen here:

I know David Byrden has tons of information on Tigers.

Like ken said James, David Byrden is the Tiger encyclopedia for Tiger info.

If you click the link it will take you to is very informative info site for everything Tiger 1

Well darn, learned something today!

And that is why I chimed in in the first place!

This is reason 3 asked. The armor covering was dropped evidently on the beginning Mid production Tigers but I can’t find photo of one.the drawing are from modelers guide to the tiger tank.My inquiry is would it be same as size as the panthers. Thanks for the link and information I just returned to modelling and I’m try to build the Tigers as they changed outwardly and that drawing kind of stuck in my head but I don’t really want to screw up an rfm Tiger 1 hahahaha.

Thank you for replying was beginning to think it didn’t post.

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Here’s one;


Johnny thanks for the information and the link.I I appreciate it more then you know and when I great some of the rust off I might have a go at the RFM early Tiger1 with interior. Thank so much.

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Thank you so much. And there is an idea for the tank you have done me a double service.

No probs James, I was one of many who would of replied… Credit is really down to @DByrden for the vast array of knowledge he has picked up and shared with everyone :+1:

Tigers with the “drum” cupola are not relevant to this question. Their pistol port is not related to what the questioner wants.

This is the pistol port that goes with the “low” cupola:

Mid Tiger pistol port


David Thank you very much.
You have saved me alot of Headache and misery as I was thinking this must be like Panther. I have not mastered the site you have yet Thank you again so much .