PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank | Armorama™

MENG announces their new 1/35 scale release, a Chinese PLA light tank.

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Cool! One more for the stash. DANG …

Operations on high level plateaus → designed to keep Tibet under control?

Just like buses… Saw HobbyBosses notification on FB yesterday now this one… I think I know which one I’ll go for.
As for “…as fast as a Panther”.
Tank ( max55 km/h) or the Cat (as 2nd fastest of the Panthera) up to a max of 120km/h ? :astonished:

Also for confrontations with India…


Believe it when I see it.(or more like slapping glue to plastic.) Dont remember if it was Meng (the Merciless) or no, but someone announced one of these like 3 years ago.

Vietnam… Used the old Type62 there… not very well, I understand , but… Same reason the JGSDF and ROKs use tanks that are lighter/ smaller than US/Euro. Smaller roads/ bridges.

Read about it yesterday. Interesting subject to build alongside the other Meng PLA armor. This vehicle has its own oxygen generator for high altitude. Like as has been said already, made for conflict with India.

Wonder what airdroppable vehicles India has, to counter this type?

Well they did use the PT-76 as a light tank in this manner but I don’t believe it has been in active service for some time (perhaps it is ‘in storage’ though). The Indian Army is modernizing rapidly and a light tank (perhaps an air-droppable one) is on their ‘to buy/make’ list. They will either buy off the shelf from pretty much any of the models currently out there (though they might want a deal to manufacture them in India) or they might design and build their own. If you google something like ‘Indian army seeks airborne tank’ or ‘Indian army seeks light tank’ there are a few interesting articles about the process.