PLA ZTZ99A MBT from Border | Armorama™

Very childish from Border and I am disappointed because they are a great model company but (louder for those at the back) MODELS AND POLITICS DO NOT MIX.

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For a company whose name is “Border” their own notion of border looks to be rather vague…



I can find about 100 other things to be annoyed about. Real world things.


Well, with that box art, I’ve crossed Border Models off my list of suppliers.


Yup…get a grip…its just boxart

People are sailing in the bay…the city is not burning…

All is good in this fictional scene designed to market a plastic kit to adults…

Though there could be some harmful traffic violations being conveyed in the art…


Snarky, superior folks on internet messageboards maybe? Nah, cant be bothered mate.

The chinese are getting ridiculously cocky these days, and this cannot end well. I hope Border Model realizes they are digging their own grave. Welp, I’m glad I haven’t bought any kits from them yet, and I never will. I will buy more high-quality AFV Club kits from TAIWAN. :sunglasses:


Yeah I’m sure they would have a tantrum

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All signs point to yes.

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Wow, I can understand why many people are angry, especially in the current climate. I wonder what Border were thinking? This hobby is all too easily misunderstood or misrepresented without provocative nonsense inflaming people. Keep calm and carry on gents.

As I said before I didn’t even notice it at first ( I definitely would have if it was the NYC skyline lol) but I’m not bothered by it; as has been pointed out there’s no destruction shown. And there are a bunch of other things one could to be upset about that are more important I suppose. I won’t be boycotting any Border products. I’m sure it will sell ok.

That does it.

I’m officially boycotting GEICO.


How many times did that reptile wreck Tokyo??

I hope the Chinese communist regime wasn’t influencing Border models to print such provocative box art. They got other “real world” dirty things to do, right like 18Bravo said - genocide, slave labor, laying heavy debts on African countries, border disputes, IP violations, unfair trade practices, and lately dirty fixing of the Winter Olympic Games.
Maybe Border will change the box art. We shall see.:smiley:
O, yeah, and they have to live up to their reputation of one of the most hated countries in the world.

Some of it will have to wait til after the Olympics lol!