Plain M60 turret, Legend or Def Model?

Hello all,

what are your experiences with these turrets? Any recommendations? Preferences?
Many thanks!


Don’t forget the MR Modellbau version; I have it in my stash so can’t really comment on any build/fit etc, but it looks pretty good:

Umbausätze für Plastikmodelle (

Doesn’t Dragon make a plain M60?

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Isn’t Legend designed for the old Tamiya kit?

They do. It is pretty good, but the turret rear is a little off in the shape.

Dragon M60 Build Article

Hmm, it looks like all the photos from the build are gone. Here is is done. It still looks like an M60.

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MR Modellbau is sub par compared to other manufacturers, but they ask the same prices.

Yes, but compared to AFV Club and Takom the kit is only a half hearted attempt and extremely expensive.