PLAN Type 056 Jiangdao class corvette no. 585 "Baize"

Continued with some details; 5Star provided an etched jig to spray over the white signs for the helicopter deck

It would have not been me if it worked at once - at the first try I messed it up and made the jig somehow not in line with the ship… had to overpaint the hangar surface and try it again :confounded: but this time it worked ok

The funnel compartment was spraypainted in black and glued on at the ship´s superstructure

Then the yellow lining decal for safety distance to the gun was carefully applied and sealed. Then the gun itself was finally glued at the ship

At last I applied the windows with KRISTAL KLEAR and sealed the major gap between the frontal upper and lower bridge parts with color. Looks nice for me now

Cheers :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Really coming along nicely- the helicopter deck with the markings should looks awesome now with the helicopter on it!

@Karl: Thank you, I also like the ship very much although it was quite some work

Gentlemen, I call this build finished :innocent:. I liked the kit and 5Star´s super upgrade set a lot although 5Star tend to overengineer their parts. The bulwark steel rail sections would be very tedious to build sitting flush with the outside surface and together with the stiffening irons inside would be veery fragil during construction and paint. Therefore I left it of. But they ask exactly the same within their PLAN DDG and the Pyotr Veliky upgrade sets.

Nevertheless the upgrade set helped a lot to improve the look of the ship considerably. Here are some more final pictures of my build:

There was a small pretty etched plague within 5Star´s super upgrade set for this ship and I decided to use it. I spraypainted black Tamiya color onto it and after one day drying time sanded everything down exept for the engraved letters.

And finally, as with all of my finished builds, I spend it a diorama box from SORA to keep it free from dust

Thats it, I release the ship now to its maiden patrolling cruise at the southern chinese sea. Thanks for watching and your interest :smiley: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:




Lovely presentation of the finished piece Thomas- the beautiful waves and backwash at the rear really make the whole thing come alive. Great box you’ve got for it too!

Very nice and clean build especially with all the small PE!
Love the seascape. :slightly_smiling_face:



Another amazing build to add to your expanding fleet, Thomas! :cowboy_hat_face:

Congratulations on your commissioning :beers::champagne:

And thankyou for sharing! Looking forward to what you build next! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot guys for your great feedback, I do feel honered :innocent:

@Russelle: What I build next? My family asked me to finally build a tank again and I have to obey :relaxed: . So I already did start to choose a candidate from my stash and the choice felt on a Challenger 2 TES. I have a Challie 3 turret from Scottcast on its way to my workshop and will convert the kit therefore to a Challenger 3 with the heavy dorchester add on armor over there in ARMORAMA. After this I feel the need to lay my hand on a bigger ship project finally :thinking:



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congratulations to commissioning your fine corvette! This was another excellent build of yours, excellent work as always! One more build logs of yours that was really fun to follow!
…already looking forward to your future bigger ship project!


Yes! Now that sounds awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jan: Thank you, always a pleasure to have you aboard :hugs:

@Russelle: Not yet decided which one next - would have an accurate armor 1:35 scale IJN Type A minisubmarine (now finally with two appropriate figures from Aerobonus), two british and two IJN battleships and one modern russian nuclear battlecruiser - and well the 1:200 TITANIC…

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All worthy candidates Thomas :slightly_smiling_face:

Thomas, the ship loopks great, but I must admit my favorite part is the helo.
Nicely done!

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