Plants and scales, a disappointment story

I was about to break out some new paper plants that I got a while back but never used for a 1/35 scale diorama and found them disappointing. Not in quality mind you but in scale.

I had to double-check all the packaging and sure enough, they all say 1/35, some even 1/48 but I feel like I have been lied to. For example, I will use AMMOs Nettle. Excellent quality but the scale of the leaves is ridiculous! The smallest leaves on it are the size of what the biggest should be and the biggest leaves are bigger than a head of a figure in that scale.

After looking at the plants I got the majority of them are completely out of scale and would make everything look ridiculous.

My issue is that I know they can make these to scale because certain parts and leaves of other plants and kits are in scale. At the very least to not label them as 1/35 scale when they are definitely not.

Does anybody else have the same experience?

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What kind of plants? I have a bunch of different grasses of different heights that look fine depending on their application. Bushes I have less experience with but I have a box of stuff that can get converted into all kinds of bushes of different heights. On @petbat 's recommendation I found some Martin Welberg growths that look like they will work for various scales, but only some are really large enough for 1/35th large bushes.

I am talking about small leafy plants. Grasses and bushes are usually ok but things like thistles, nettle, and some flowers are usually waaaay out of scale.

Would be good to see some images so we get a better idea…


i don’t think it’s unrealistic (from a manufacturer’s perspective) to include a mélange of sizes for something like scenery materials.

just like figures, there’s different sizes of “us.”

maybe use the larger ones as background pieces to block out a shape, and then overlay with the more accurately scaled pieces. in doing so, no bare spots showing what’s beyond would occur.