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New resin 1/35 German Munitionswagen M.16 from Plus Model

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These trailers were moved (not using the word ‘towed’) by this power unit (not using the word ‘tractor’)

The M-16 was a big generator on wheels. The generator powered the wheels of the power unit and provided power to the electric motors in the trailer.

There were different sizes of these, A-Zug, B-Zug and C-Zug. The smaller ones could move several trailers at once. The C-Zug was designed for the really heavy siege mortars and one loaded trailer was the usual combination. The smaller ones could also run on rails.

I still hope that the produce the gun trailers, basically a new load on the same undercarriage


If you don’t know what to do of this ammunition trailer (“Munitionswagen”) - it is intended to accompany the heavy Austrian siege mortars of WW1 origin, i.e. the CMK and Takom kits.


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I had never seen this thing before but it looks interesting !