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New from Plus Model, tin advertising signs from Germany and France 30s to 40s and floor tiles in Black/white and Red/white squares.

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Those old signs are seriously cool :heart_eyes:

Most certainly… Those will be on my wishlist for sure! I just wonder what a newer Belgian (thought it was Dutch, but some searching shows it was fabricated in Brussels, albeit in 1960?) sign does in the French sings package: Renault Oliën. In French that would be Huiles Renault .

Much needed diorama accessories that I never knew I needed !
Not to be greedy but some Cold War era signage would be most welcome (at least to me).

Yeah, those are gorgeous - and now we need a bunch of German signs for bier and gasthauses, and definitely some Cold War signs, and even modern ones. A bunch of street signs would be awesome!

Bunch of street signs:

Indeed :wink:



I found the same… :grin: