PM not arriving?

I have a PM threat running with @G-man69 and he sees my messages, but upon reply, nothing happens… Any idea?

@staff_Jim I’ve been testing with @varanusk and our PM’s arrive as expected. The last time @G-man69 tried to PM me, was yesterday. I do not know at what time. Maybe logs will reveal something?

Umm… short of you having him accidentally blocked no.

In blocked, you mean muted? Cause that is the only option I could find. And, no: status is normal…

Yes muted. I looked in the logs and don’t see anything. Very odd. I will look into it a little more and report back.

I am only seeing a message you sent to him 5 days ago that was titled “Hi” with an image of a scratch build(?). That is on both yours and his message feeds. This icon. Of course they show up in the the main notifications feed as well.

That is correct… G. says he replied, but that never came up…

There is nothing in his message log about him replying.

@G-man69 could you chime in? Did you get an error message or something?

Hi all,

My apologies, I hadn’t picked up on this exchange.

Twice now Erwin has asked me for information, on both occasions I responded by simply replying to the address it came from, and in both instances they never arrived.

In both cases there was no error message indicating it hadn’t arrived, and in both cases my reply sits in the exchange of emails on my laptop.

One thing I have just noticed, when I reply, in the ‘To’ field it just shows up as ‘Erwin Leetnik via KitMaker Network’. However, when I copied and pasted my reply below it shows the above element along with the following included as part of the address (, this might be normal but I wondered whether the ‘noreply’ was the cause?

From: [G E]
Sent: 04 October 2022 10:13
To: Erwin Leetink via KitMaker Network
Subject: RE: [KitMaker Network] [PM] Hi

Hi mate,

That’s looking good, my apologies for the delay, not been online for a number of days, so just playing catch-up.

The four-sided bin has a simple rectangular base/bottom, so just something that drops straight in.

The three-sided bin has an open raked edge, not sure what it fits against, but maybe easier to just fill the bottom of the bin with stowage, e.g. a tarpaulin, which will hide things.

Images of the base attached, hope they help.



My other thought is that it might be something to do with my email set-up as I’m responding from my laptop email folder, as opposed to responding from within the KiMaker site?

Not sure if that helps, or not?

G, :beer:

Seems there may be some problem with the e-mail, replying within the site as you suggest should work fine.