Polikarpov I-16 ICM 1/32

Greetings to all forum members. This is my first post on this forum and today I want to show you a kit I finished a few days ago.
It is the ICM Polikarpov I-16, in 1/35 scale.
It is a quick and easy to assemble kit. The fitting of the pieces is not bad, but you have to be careful in the big pieces of the fuselage, and the union of the wings with the fuselage (you have to use a “little” of putty). In the rest of the parts the fit is correct.
Another point against the kit is the poor detailing of the engine and the interior of the cockpit, being a kit of such a scale. I had to scratch fill these places.
For the paint I used Vallejo acrylics, and for the paneling I used AK washes.
I could have gone into a bit more detail, but I wanted this to be a quick, nice and easy project to do. I wanted a Polikarpov with soviet legends on my display cases…
I hope you like it. Greetings to all forum members.


Welcome aboard!
Well done with that Polikarpov :+1:

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Great looking Polikarpov I-16 Juan :smiley: