Polish-built Post-War T-34 Turrets

I’ve got a rather embarrassing number of the old DML T-34-85 Model 1944 (and some of the T-34-85M kit) in my stash.

A couple of them are going to be built with MR Modellbau resin sets as an East German T-34-85M and a Polish T-34-85M2. The MR sets aren’t great, but I intend to scratch any pieces I find lacking (got a 3D printer recently). My understanding is that the East German vehicles were probably Polish-built.

At the moment, both kits have MR Modellbau’s T-34-85 Czech 1956 turret in the box. I knowit’s not the same as the Polish turret, but it at least has the more refined casting of a post-war turret.

Can anybody tell me what I need to do to turn these turrets (or, for that matter, kit turrets) into Polish produced turrets? Nobody appears to make a drop-in turret. From looking at photos the most obvious differences appear to be the lack of the “ribs” around the turret ring, and an impression from photos that the lower turret line on the turret side is straighter, and possibly that the turret has flatter sides and “sharper” rear corners.

Can anyone help me out here? Are there distinct characteristics specific to Polish-built T-34 turrets?



You need to ask here


i search in my library…

There is also a T-34 Modeling Group on Facebook also.Both of these groups are excellent by the way.

Is that the T-34 Modeling Group or the T-34 Scale Modeling Group? Both exist :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ve joined the Interest group already.

Also looking forward to any info that smolensk can find - I was quite surprised to find the T-34 - Mythical Weapon book had nothing, since it’s very much written from a Polish perspective, but seems disinterested in post-war history. All I’ve found to date are suggestions re similarity to the Czech 1956 turret, and another that suggested they were similar to the 1945 Zavod 183 turret, but with refined casting.

Thanks to everybody who has replied - all your suggestions have been useful.

Late reply.

This site has a few very detailed visual info on polish made T-34/85, as well as other T-34/85 from different factory from different era.


Click on the photo and you can see the author’s albums. Credit to him.