Polish escavator "Warynski" K611 scratch 1/35

Getting really tempted … :heart_eyes:

Because I have no limitation of pictures now, I can upload more :slight_smile:


Some work with the chassis


Next portion of pictures

I didn’t make all maquette of the engine because it is invisible.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


The finished model. Thre road isn’t very realistic-I know, but I don’t have an idea how to fix it.


WOW!! Just wow! Very impressive work! Thanks for sharing with us!

What a great piece of work Marcin. You’ve certainly given that nice yellow paint a real weather-beaten look! Really natural setting you have created too- it fits the battered look perfectly and I have to say I particularly like the bucket filled up with dirty water- a real neat touch!

Just amazing ! Every aspect shows extreme talent .
Thank you for sharing.

No question this is an exceptional piece of work, although I’m getting déjà vu – is this the same diorama that was posted on the old Armorama website a few years ago? If it isn’t it looks very similar – and yes it is as every bit as brilliant, I’ve never seen corrosion represented this perfectly :tumbler_glass:

Yes, but I’ve lost my account datas and I couldn’t log in again. The same I don’t know if somewhere there is the same post still, or not.

Aha - yes I had the same problem and couldn’t find it on the old site either. I thought it was a Photo-Feature but it is not there - very strange! Anyway I’m not criticising, I’m really glad you’re showing it again because I don’t think it got enough exposure or praise, it is so fantastic, bravo! :trophy: :tumbler_glass: