Polish escavator "Warynski" K611 scratch 1/35

Hello guys
I’m new here and I don’t know if I have put my thread in the right place.

I would like to share with my last project.
It is a middle size polish construction excavator build by “Bumar-Waryński” in Warsaw-Poland.

I made this model as 3D printed on HD SLA Printer and photoetched parts (cabin mostly, but also some extra fine details).

This is an original:

Here we have screen shots of 3D parts:

I am afraid the new persons can’t add more than 5 pictures so…see you next day maybe? :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard. Looks very good, looking forward to seeing more.

Any plans about making this available on Shapeways or some other 3D “factory”?
Definitely interested.

I will second Robin’s comment. I would be interested in one if it was made available through yourself or a third party like Shapeways.

If I would sell it on Shapeways, what about etched A4 parts?

3D prints:

and frame parts glued together

For the flat sheet metal parts?
Did you or someone else do the actual etching of the parts for your build?

Yes, of course. Besides I have 1 extra kit for this model but because of it is 3D printed kit, the price is high…

If you did the etching yourself then it could be possible for you to etch on demand.
Ordering the etchings from someone else could mean high costs or being forced to order many sheets.
How much would the 3D-parts cost?

I can make all etched parts on demand, there is no problem. I have also many of other projects of polish vehicles, also russian-Kamaz 5511 and Kraz 256 as an upgrades for ICM Kamaz and Bronco Kraz 255B. And also working on sets for Polish truck Star 29, Jelcz 315. I have also project of Star 25-I have sets already done. All of them as resins and etchings (so price is lower). But it would takes few weeks before I show you everything at this forum, when I can upload only 5 pictures per a day :slight_smile:

The price of the set I have left is about 340 Eur + shipping costs. The next sets would be more expensive because of new 3D printer Formlabs Form 3-which is more expensive in operation.

The set contains etched sheet and all 3D prints and film for instrument pannel. But there is one problem-how to ship parts safely to not brake them during shipping…? They are quite fragile, especially tracks…

Better look yourselve, my Face web site shows what I have done so far

and my next projects:

Ouch! 340 Euro is a lot of cash …
Needs some thinking about :wink:

Impressive builds and projects on your fb-page!

3D technology on HD quality is still expensive :frowning: This cost contains only costs of printing-I don’t count costs of working hours.

I know. Very expensive …

old school:plasticards

Or take a die cast excavator (only cost about $40)…

Tear it down…

And rebuild it as a military excavator.

Lastly, mount it on a Trumpeter M920/M870 combo…

Which you no longer have to scratch/convert the truck for.

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legend idea!
I’ve something to do with Fiat truck…in the future

if you are satisfied with the level of detail in such a model, you can use it. I like detailed models, that’s why I make my own from scratch. My excavator has everything that the original has, except for the engine , which is hidden anyway and you can’t see it.
You can see it when I upload more photos.

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That is why the excavator was disassembled, details added, and rebuilt. I too like details, just not at 340+ Euros. To each their own.

For someone the point is not to have some excavator, but to have specific model-in this case this one, which could be the icon for some modellers. If someone would have excavator only, no matter what, this model really isn’t for him.


That is killer!