Polish Uniform Insignia - Found - Thanks all

Hello All,

I’m on a bit of a kick building Polish Forces in Italy in WWII (a Firefly and a Jeep) and need some POLAND tabs and other insignia for the figures to go along with.

Ideally I’d like to get hold of “ToRo 35D39 1/35 Military Ranks & Unit Insignia. Polish Forces 1940-46” I cannot find them at any online shop.

Would be happy if someone could spare POLAND tabs for three figures and the 4th Armoured Regiment “Skorpion” insignia for two tankers. Compensation would be provided.

Alternately, can anyone advise of an alternate decal manufacturer?



I just checked Jada’s hobby and it looks like they have them. It says $10.36, not sure about tax and shipping though. I did a quick search so not sure . Good luck Paul

Hi, thanks for the response. The item is in “Backorder status” :frowning: