Polishing and stripping future floor wax

i was watching a youtube post on polishing future and the person doing tge video was really not that good at his technique. he sprayed the future w/an AB and it came out with all sorts of high and low spots, how that can be i don’t know since it is self leveling, but he then went on to sand it out. he made a accurate assessment that you can not wet sand future. i found that out personally myself. he worked up from several grits dry and then took to polishing with a dremmel and tamiya polishing compounds. the end results was well not good even though he thought it was. it seems future does not polish well
Now to my question. If need be after all this work i need to strip the body of the future what to use. in the past when i dip my canopies or windows in future and need to strip it and start over i would soak them in straight ammonia instead of windex. but if i soak a car body that has a nice paint job but needs the future stripped will the ammonia harm the paint? does anyone know or tried this and what was the results. I am not in this situation now just want to know and see who has come across, if anyone, this situation. I do not normally use future on car bodies but do occasionally, especially on a whit body i don’t want to yellow.
Thanks, Joe