Poll: Review categories for new sites (REVISED!)

So we have a couple of different ways we can segment the content. We already have vendor and scale as a viewable ‘category’ so those are handled (although right now there is no easy way to access them other than from links on existing pages – will fix that at some point though).

For reviews though we can break them down by topic time/era. So like:

Or we could break them down by time of release or type of product:

Or the third (new) option: By item grouping

Which do you prefer?
  • By time/era (top image)
  • By product type (middle image)
  • By product groups (last image)

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Could we have both product group and time/era categories? And material category (plastic, resin, 3D printed, decal…)?

Would the categories be somehow searchable? For instance, I’d like to view only the reviews of ‘Figures’ in ‘1/35 scale’ from ‘WWI’ made of ‘resin’?


My comments - somewhat overcome by events with the new option - are located in the previous thread.

Grouping by product type, product function, and scale is more useful to me than era. There seems to me a relationship or overlap between grouping and type, though where some products can be collected under one but others need to be collected under the second.

Searching by subject and scale is how I’d most likely look for something (figures, kits, AM accessories, and references). For groupings that don’t lend themselves to scale and subject (like tools, supplies, diorama materials), I’d search by the function or purpose of the product.

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The short answer is yes. As we can create parent and child categories for things like scale, nationality, materials, etc. I just made “time periods” for Aeroscale and Model Shipwrights in the past hour. It was easy.

However… The long answer is that while we can assign articles with all that data, displaying that data is not something doable at the moment. That is going to take considerable time to integrate into the current (complex) codebase.

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Sounds good.

And give us back your Snoopy avatar please. :wink:


Kinda like the first one, but how do cars, ships and Sci-Fi fit in?Third one is OK too, with same questions?

Well for AutoModeler we are already breaking down by type so that fits the 3rd option. Ships is a bit up in the air atm. Not sure what types we might decide to use. Sail, Steam, Warships, Civilian, etc?

Modelgeek will probably be what we have now. Sci-fi, space, creatures, etc.

Lol… awwe… you very used to that eh? I was thinking maybe it was too impersonal?


It is one of the few avatars that I immediately know who’s behind it. I guess most of the regulars on Armorama know Snoopy as well… so… :wink:


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Many product types, i.e., scenery, are appropriate for news/reviews on all of the sites. To show them on multiple sites requires multiple posts, and divides the number of hits/views between sites, instead of allowing all views add to a common total. My ideas follow.

  1. Perhaps a “universal” tag that would allow news/reviews with cross-over interests, i.e., a review of scenery items, to be published across all sites.

  2. Tags to route a review/news to specific sites. Examples: 1/24-1/25 fuel drums for military subjects can be disseminated to RailRoad Modeling for 1/24 G Gauge model railroad, and to Auto Modeler for the 1/24 car crew.

There are so many products with crossover potential between model railroad O scale (generally 1/48 in North America but 1/43 & 1/45 in Europe, where some military subjects are so scaled, i.e., Mk 35 Editions) and 1/48 military and aircraft. O scale track or civilian figures for 1/48 dioramas. 1/48 crates and cargo for O scale loading docks.

What you’ll think?

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