Pop up ads on iOS?

I have just started getting pop up ads on my iPhone and iPad when I open the kitmaker site on safari. Both up to date with latest version of iOS. I don’t mind ad banners but pop ups that need closed to view content are a step too far.

Is this a software update anomaly or is this the way of it from now on?

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Happening on my IBM desktop at work too. Very annoying.

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Same here on Apple desktop running Firefox

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It may be something Google turned on. They do annoying things like this occasionally thinking they will show you all the added revenue you’d get and then you’ll decide to leave it on. However which site are we ‘specifically’ talking about here. The forums? Armorama? AeroScale? etc. They all have different settings.

Yup…just checked and they have indeed activated this experiment on kitmaker.net. However I wasn’t aware that would extend to the forums.kitmaker.net domain. If it is doing it on the forums I haven’t seen that as yet.

For the record I do have what Google calls “vignette ads” turned on for some of the content sites. They are not really ‘pop up’ ads as they don’t pop up a new browser window or frame, they just replace the current content of the page with a display ad. However they only do this once from what I have witnessed during a users whole session. Or even if you close and come back it won’t appear again for quite a while. Anyway these ads have helped make up the lost revenues we have experienced lately to the point where now I would not opt to turn them off.

That all said I don’t want them on the forums so if they are running on the forums I will deactivate them.



Hi Jim,

Yeah they are running on the forums I’m afraid. Just popped in to check this thread and was greeted by another pop up.

Time to think hard on becoming a patron methinks to help with the finances of running the site.

As always, thanks for all the great work behind the scenes in bringing us this fantastic resource and community.


That is odd. I have tried to get something popping up or injecting ads on my phone (or desktop) and I am not even logged in. So far nothing. Can you send me a screen capture of an ad page and put it here?

What kind of ads are you getting? My worry would be some kind of malware (which are starting to pop up on phones - no pun intended).


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I guess they did say it would only affect 50% of the users so perhaps I am just not getting selected. Do they look like this somewhat?

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Yup, that is them.

I do get them too on my phone and tablet (both Android). And on the forums…
They com before the site content. Click on the close button to get the forum content.

I get them occasionally but they close themselves after 3 seconds

I just logged-out to see what was going on. Yup, there it is. I get pop-ups on my iPAd running Safari.


Jim I am getting these when I move from one Forum section to another. And we must hit “CLOSE” before we can move on with what we are actually trying to do.

As @iwatajim says; this is a step too far. (IMHO)

p.s. Getting this with both Safari and Chrome. NOT getting them on my Android phone.

I don’t see them on Windows 11 + Firefox.
I didn’t get them when I tried Android mobile phone either.

Yes. And they don’t always show up.

Just had this. Happens most times but not always. Random different ads.

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I’m getting them as well on my iPad running Safari
When viewing Kitmaker forums.


They appear when open a topic on my PC too. Windows 10, Chrome.

This is what I just got this morning.

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This just now on the iPhone. Always now when opening the first thread.

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