Posing models in flight


What are some of the ways to pose models in flight? Stands, acrylic rod support, hung from the ceiling?
I’m looking for some ideas for my 1:48 builds.


On top of those there is many different angles coming out of a picture frame.


A wing tip barely touching a tree as the aircraft banks around in a tight turn.
Hide a stiff support wire in the wingtip and in the tree.

Lighted Lucite rods with flames coming out of the rear jet exhausts as the jet makes a steep climb.

Instead of the typical clear support coming out the bottom of the aircraft and going down to the base, have the clear rod come out the side and go into a sky background. (So from certain viewing angles you cannot see that it is supported at all.)

Multiple GIs repelling out of a hovering helicopter and the ropes are actually support wires.

Thanks for the replies, some good ideas.


Or you can go this route and not try to hide support - just make it pleasing .


There’s obviously no way of completely concealing support(s), but I still prefer the least obvious. The following were only intended for photographic purposes & not for display (the fishing lines being airbrushed away) but if I ever did want to display the Stukas I’d probably try to find thick Perspex or glass rods to rest across the top of an open-fronted Perspex/glass box, suspending the planes within…

(That’s a Hasegawa 1:32 & a Dragon (?) 1:72) –Mike Koenig (165thspc) did the airbrushing on the last photo)

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Saw this one just today on the “Art of Modeling” website as done by Phillip Donnelly:


Here’s one I completed back around February. There’s a build article here on the Forum if you’re interested. Basic idea was to mount the aircraft on an acrylic sheet though the wing.