Potential helicopter campaign

hi folks,

i thought I’d test the waters and ask if anyone would be interested in another Helicopter campaign?
i know Huey Heaven didn’t have many people completing the campaign so i was thinking a more broad range of helicopters or perhaps something more specific such as Gunships?

I’m open to suggestions, time scales, length of campaign etc or you can tell “no thanks if you like”

kind regards



I am open to the idea of any helo.

The helo should have a lot of weapons, if it is potent? :wink:
I do have a helicopter but not sure if I will participate…

Hi Klaus !

Interested for helicopter campaign.

From my stash, I have an OH58D Kiowa Warrior and an AH1W super cobra NTS, both in the 1:35 scale ready to be built.

Yeah, I’m interested… :smirk:


I’d be interested. I never did get a chance to start in the Huey campaign.
If I don’t enter the kit I bought for that, there are those other Lynx I wanted to do.

Waiting for my Westland Lynx, but that’s not really a gunship… anyway. I am way too slow in building and painting to participate. If so, I would probably have chosen one of the Cobras…

@basco well i usually let a campaign run for nine months so if i start it in march it will end Christmas time 2023… i think you should manage to complete it by then :wink:

I’ve never joined a group build, but I’d like to try. Do you lay out rules, etc.? It sounds great.

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@Jorel_48 yep i will organise guidelines (rules) timelines etc nothing to strict so don’t worry about it, the important thing is to have fun.

i will leave this thread running for a week and if there is enough interest i will start organising the campaign group build in the staging area.

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Aye, mark me interested too. If I can get my hands on one of the 1/35th Apaches that will be my contribution. Unless a 1/35th UH-1Y is miraculously released to go with the AH-1Z sitting lonely on the shelf!

Thanks for proposing this one mate.

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i have both of those kits by kitty hawk in 1/48 scale, i just need the time and talent to do them justice.

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I feel the same about myself. While I have plenty to choose for this campaign. I am thinking about getting a 1/32 Special Hobby 1/32 Marine AH-1G.

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Thanks. So can we think of them as “guidlines?”

Talent!? You may have to lower your expectations of me. LOL. Still, sounds interesting.

'Only just caught up with this; whilst my recent attempt at a campaign build was an epic fail, I’d like to try and break the mould with this one. I have a few helicopters in my stash (Revell Bell H-13H, Panda UH-1D Huey, and the mighty Heller Super Frelon) but so far have lacked the courage to start them - let alone finish!

@Jorel_48 a bit of both, there will be an end time but that can be extended by a week or two if need be.

partially started kits are welcome from previous builds/campaigns can be entered as well.

I’m interested. Would likely be in with a 1/48 Hasegawa Apache. I have 4 campaigns early next year to finish first but should have time at the end of the year!

One more query, will a build log be expected, or just finished photos?

start and end pictures are required and you are welcome to post pictures of your progress as and when you can.