**Potential** Ka-52 in 1/35 from Arma Models

Option to (register) vote on preferred scale for a Ka-52 in a multi-media kit. Vote early, it may be here in September, according to the website. Here is the blurb from the website:
Hello Friends!

In continuation of a series of posts, we would like to lift the veil of secrecy and share with you the first working renders of our Ka-52 project, as well as answer the most pressing questions.
The project is now in its most working stage. Photo material is analyzed, corners are smoothed, bottlenecks and controversial points are being finalized.
This is the development of the line of models of our own production “Hybrid”! What is the feature? It’s simple: for the production of these models, we will use various technologies that allow you to get maximum quality and detail with a minimum of effort on the part of the modeler! Resin, 3D printing, metal, photo-etched, various plastics and other materials will be used to achieve the best result! And most importantly, the price of such models will fit within the framework of the usual “plastic” market! Absolute exclusivity, extreme quality and reproduction, innovative production at an affordable price, this is our “hybrid” approach to 21st century modeling!

Key answers to key questions.

  • We plan to release the model for September of this year.

  • Detailed interior.

  • There will be decals on CBO.

  • Cooperation with leading supplement manufacturers.

  • Klep will be. The lines of the jointing, power overlays and the riveting itself of different sizes, which is present on the original, will be reproduced.

  • The jointing that has already been included in the project is of a specific design nature, and certainly is not final.
    But some of the elements, such as the 2a42 gun or landing gear, are complete. In the very near future we will show the final.

The project is being developed for two full-fledged versions in 72 and 48 scale, but it is possible to release it in any other, thanks to innovative approaches to production. Let’s find out what scale you are interested in?

This is not all the interesting information about the project, we have prepared many more surprises and know-how for the Ka-52!
Stay with us, it will be more interesting!:wink:


Saw this on another site as well. A 1/35 Ka-52 would be awesome.


Yes, it would look good alongside the Hinds, Huey, and Kiowa I have. And Hummingbird, but that’s WWII.

I am a modeler, I like some effort!

Otherwise 1/48 will do just fine for me


1/48 scale is a must have for me. Just where to get them as a customer from Germany because of these ridiculous sanctions? Are there shops in Serbia or do I have to order it from Asia?


1/35 would be great but i think 1/48 is more practical.


Pfft, I never let practical get in the way of my modelling! Whatever next? Functionality?

I have one on the way, :crossed_fingers: hope I don’t jinx myself. Maybe get it by New Year’s?

where did you buy/order it from? and the international sanctions give you issues?

Friends wife was visiting there and ordered it for me. Hoping to have it in a month or two.
I’m not even sure if it is officially released there yet.

well keep us posted on your progress getting this kit.

I will do that for sure.

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I think it’s a great looking copter… Really like it. But at the moment, nope, no russian jets or helis for me.

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I will be getting this when it comes out.

me too, just waiting for some asian dealers for offer it :hugs:

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