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Hobby Fan announced their new release in 1/35 scale.

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Brilliant idea to include trailer, more options to display than on the water and / or crewed. Well played Hobby Fan.

Which was the prime towing vehicle for this, an M151 MUTT?

Good question. I would think something a little bigger; M37 3/4 ton or an M35 2 1/2 ton truck. A 1/4 ton M151 couldn’t really tow much. I can only find pics of the boat in the water in Vietnam though. A couple of it on the trailer, but not what is towing it.

3800 pounds without fuel.

M37: "Payload was rated at 1,500 pounds when going cross country or 2,000 pounds when driving on highways. It could also tow, with the ability to haul 4,000 pounds off pavement or 6,000 pounds when on smooth surfaces. "

Should be compatible …

The M35 would definitely be capable.

Although not available in 1:35 another choice would’ve been a Kaiser M715, these trucks were used extensively through out the delta and piedmont regions of SV by Army, Navy and USAF units. A duece would be more than capable of pulling the STAB but the height of the truck’s pintle would risk damageing the lower units of the Mercs mounted on the boat’s transom because of the towing angle. Honestly though anything available with a towing hitch was probably put to task.

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I would LOVE to see the Kaiser M715 5-quarter in 1:35. My GI bride was a RTT (radio-teletype) operator in a shelter on the back of a 5-quarter. I’ve wanted to build an RTT rig for her for some time. The RTT shelter is an easy scratch build, the interior is more difficult; but possible with 3-D printing. All is for naught without the M715.

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I am definitly on the same frequency for the 715, this truck frame was used for any number of utility trucks, tool bodies, fire trucks, telephone/ electrical lineman trucks, signal corps etc., etc., maybe ICM will bite.

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A Korean company ("D-Toys?) makes a 1/35 resin 5/4 ton truck that is the ROK version of the M715 Gladiator. Hood, front fenders and grille are different. Remainder of the cab is good, as well as the bed. Have to 3D the tailgate to capture the embossed “JEEP” name. Heck, maybe someone can 3D print the correct front of the truck, and I can finish building the kit!

The model should be available in early December. In the mean time, here are some photos of the Power Cat:




D Toys 1/35th scale Kia K311A1 (a.k.a KM450)

Not sure it’s still available tough…


HLJ says ‘Discontinued’