Power Wagon... lack of kits

Is it just me or does anyone else find the lack of a post war Dodge Power Wagon in 1/35 or even 1/24 / 1/25 scale seem Weird??? They were really popular post war… and prime for customizing.

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Roden does make them in 1/35, at least the Vietnam-era versions.

M37 Cargo Truck

M42 Command Vehicle

M43 Ambulance

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I’m meaning this version:


Hey Matt, yes, I agree - it would be nice to see a bit more variety of options avail of a powerwagon - I really like them - and would really like to build a custom in 1/24!! Not over the top, but seriously reworked suspension and a V8 - wow! I have a 1/24 die cast of one like what you show in the pic above - it’s pretty cool…hmm, maybe cut it up one of these days? For some reason, I’ve never been that interested in reworking die cast -

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Diecast are a whole different thing to rework. I’ve got a F650 sitting on my “shelf of doom” till I get the will to work on it again. The thing is with this one, there’s no body mods, just a strip and repaint.

The power wagons scream for all sorts of mods and whatnot which would be prime for plastic, and a PITA in the diecast.



Couldn’t agree more with this.

I have always had a soft spot for these power wagons, both closed and open cabbed.

The lack of kits and conversions is surprising.

I would love to see a 1960’s and 1970’s power wagons in 1/35 scale as well.

Regards jason

A kit of a post war Dodge Power Wagon is at the top of my most wanted new kit list. I would like to build one all old and rusted. But I would also like to build one customized on larger Wheels and tires. But, someone has to come out with a kit first. I find it hard to believe that some very obscure armor vehicles that were never put into production get kitted but not a Power Wagon.