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AIMS is previewing the 1:32 scale conversion sets for theSpitfre PR IV/PR IG and Spitfire PR XI

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This looks promising, but if I was going to purchase this I would expect part of the set to correct the radiator housings on the model. I understand that it is not a accuracy that this set is intended to address, but it would make it more appealing due to the base model it has been designed for. Yes I am correcting one at the moment using a mix of products with the Barracuda Studios set for the Radiators.

I wonder if the PR XI would be usable on the Tamiya Mk IX?
Can’t see it’s worth the trouble to go with the Revell kit…

I don’t think so without a little bit of work as the shapes of the kits are slightly different. I know it as I modified Alleycat parts intended to make a Tamiya-based PRXI to use them on a mix of Revell Mk.II and MkIX parts. With regard to the donor kit, the Tamiya kit is quite expensive in Europe. This explains that. Most people will prefer cutting into a cheaper kit.

Thanks for the info, I can understand the logic but that’s too bad.
In my book it would be more worthwile to use the most correct and refined base kit and go from there.