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Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket maker, who produces the PRC-77 and the Vincent in 1/35? It was extensively used by the US for many years. I can find a German field radio including the Enigma and a Soviet radio set, hell I even found a Japanese radio station including bamboo desk and matching chair. But for some reason I can’t for the life of me find any US Cold War radios and accessories. I bought a US accessories and weapons set, and the radio was just a kind of plastic blob. I’d rather not go that route again.
Thanks in advance

So James Lee here did a 3D print of one but has closed up shop. Mike Bugs has some SINCGARS

He might have a PRC-77 that I missed but otherwise, you can ask them to make one.


I don’t have a PRC-77 at the moment.

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Bravo 6 maybe?

The original Tamiya M113 had a figure with a radio on its back. I can’t recall if it is a PRC-25, PRC-77 or something else. 70’s era mouldings… but if you are not fussy, maybe someone has them is their spares…

You could always scratch build one:

Lemme’ know if you want some measurements or pictures with measurements. I’ve got one.


I could have sworn there were a couple of resin manufacturers out there who did them. Maybe bravo 6?

Bravo-6 did/does make them. Not sure of availability with current events though. I can’t find them for sale anywhere. I don’t think the set includes a KY-57 Vinson crypto device though, as these represent Vietnam-era radios and the KY-57 was a later design (mid-70s).

They were review on the old Armorama.

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If it doesn’t include the KY-57, I did make that. Circled in red.


I don’t know what application you need the radio for but if it helps I used to have to carry one of those heavy SOBs along with the encrypt device when I was a Plt Sgt in the 82nd. Every…single…jump. Good news for you would be it was inside my rucksack so only the handset and antennae would show if that’s the route you are going ?

Doesn’t this Tamiya set have one?

Yes, on the guy in the boonie cap kneeling and pointing. There are lots of PRC-77s available in plastic. Most of the Dragon Vietnam and Desert Storm figure sets have them. None come w/a KY-57 though. He was asking for AM resin ones as well.

If you are looking for a vehicle mount, Academy had one for their M113 interior. Eduard did a PE upgrade for it. The only Vincent stuff I know of is Mikey’s stuff. I would love to see a good vehicle mount PRC 25/77.

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Hey there
Yes I was looking at a resin one with better detail. It’s going to be front and center in My Dio. The ones that come as accessories are horrible detail wise and some are nothing more then a thin rectangle of plastic with little of no details
Thanks again

Are you doing a backpack or vehicle mount? If backpack, the Bravo-6 set will work, if you can get one.

I just remembered, Legend had one, I think it came with their M60A1 stowage set.

Thanks for the offer
I guess if I could get a picture of the control side next to a Ruler or what have you, and length and width would be helpful. Just in case I need to scratch build one.

Thanks again

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Seems like a good opportunity for one creative enough, with experience with resin casting to make a few bucks. Make the radio along with the KY-57 crypto device (Vincent) the antennas, and the other accessories.I’m sure it would sell well enough. Especially if you had a 3D printer, and could turn several out at the same time.

For Vietnam, the crypto would have been a KY-38 from the Nestor family. This was used with both the PRC-25 and the PRC-77. The KY-57 wasn’t introduced until 1975. The rollout took a couple of years, and it wasn’t widely available until about 1980.

The KY-8 was the vehicle component of the Nestor family and would be found in vehicles connected to the VRC-12 family of transceivers. I don’t believe that this is available either. The KY-38 (backpack) and the KY-8 (vehicle) COMSEC devices would be great additions to MickeyBugs excellent line of US commo gear.

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Some of the other Bravo-6 sets contain the same PRC-77 as the stand alone set, like these: