Pre-order for Zvezda 3671 ZIS-3 kit

In the Russian modeling society, there is already a tradition of meeting new products from Zvezda. Large online retailers are announcing pre-orders for models with a discount coupon for future purchases and even greater discounts on add-ons for this model. Now the online store “I-Modelist” is accepting pre-orders for the set Zvezda 3671 “ZIS-3 Soviet 76-mm anti-tank gun with crew”.
Since both the ZiS-2 and ZiS-3 guns can be built from the kit, almost the same, but slightly different kits are offered:

With discount:

02.034 Jim Scale Paint set “Armor of the USSR/Russia” - 1290 rubles

  1. MM3671 My model 1/35 Decal for ZIS-3 (Star) - 90 rubles.

  2. MM35020 My model 1/35 UOF-354M shells for ZiS-3 (5 pcs.) + decal as a gift - 100 rubles.

    ММ35020 1

  3. MM35021 My model 1/35 UBR-354 B shells for ZiS-3 (5 pcs.) + decal as a gift - 100 rubles.

    ММ35021 1

  4. ММ35022 My model 1/35 Shells USh-354 T for ZiS-3 (5 pcs.) + decal as a gift - 100 rubles.

    ММ35022  1

  5. MM35023 My model 1/35 UBR-354P shells for ZiS-3 (5 pcs.) + decal as a gift - 100 rubles.

    ММ35023 1

  6. MM35025 My model 1/35 Shell box (1 pc.) - 250 rubles

  7. RS35070 E.V.M. 1/35 Wheels produced by the “Rezinoobedinenie” plant for models of cannons, art. limbers, PC - 469 rubles.

  8. RS35071 E.V.M. 1/35 Wheels produced by the factory “Red Triangle” for models of guns, art. fronts, PC - 469 rubles.

Sometimes these add-ons simply cannot be purchased separately. At least during the pre-order period. Etching and shells - that’s for sure.

The platcdarm shop offers resin wheels from MasterClub as a gift for the same price.

A similar scheme for the previous sets. For example on Dodge WC-5.

Then they move into the category of gift sets: model + addition. For example, for STZ-5 there are three options: with a driver figure, a set of springs for the chassis and sloths, a winter grille. And all for one price. But now they are no longer there.


Can you perhaps inform me: I have noticed that a lot of Russian after market companies like SX Art, ASK et cetera are very quick with releasing sets for Zvezda kits. Are those companies perhaps working together with Zvezda and do they get access to a kit early so that they can produce a set very accurately and quickly?


You are absolutely right! The racing KAMAZ is already ready, but there is no information about the start of sales yet. Most likely, preparatory work is underway, incl. and aftermarket. And there is something to add to it: the wheels have already been criticized.

I haven’t found any direct evidence, but I think that Zvezda is working with our big stores, and they are already attracting everyone else. Including release add-ons under their own brand. The winter grille for the STZ-5, which I have already mentioned above, is sold under the brand of the Ya-Modelist store and only on it.

Im35080 Imodelist 1/35 Winter grille for STZ-5 (Zvezda)

Another large store does the same. For example, for the MSTA-S self-propelled guns, they released such a “double-barreled shotgun” under their own brand

AM3596 Coalition-SV twin-barrel self-propelled gun based on Msta-S self-propelled guns

I have MSTA-S. I wanted to try desert camouflage on it.

Now I’m torn between two desires!

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yeah, I know I-modellist, ordered there a few times. They have really awesome after market sets for Zvezda models and they sell very interresting decal sets. Recently bought the ASK Kamas decal set, so many colourfull options. too bad that it is not to be found in these parts…

Currently working on the below one, still a WIP, with ASK decals and Quinta decals:

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And here is the Arma-models online shop arrived in time with its pre-orders for the ZiS-3 from Zvezda.

Of the gifts, they only have a decal according to the original model.

text: "This made the 1st shot at Berlin at 18.10 on April 21, 1945.
This gun covered 6204 km with battles, fired 3969 shots at the enemy
tanks - 33,
self-propelled guns - 21,
cars - 74,
aircraft at the airport - 5,
guns - 14,
mortars - 17,
Nazis - 752 "

And 30% off a bunch of exclusive add-ons that can’t be purchased separately.
These are metal barrels.

AM35601 Metal barrel for Zis-2

AM35600 Metal barrel for Zis-3 with 3D muzzle brake

Shells UBR-271M, UBR-271P, UBR-354P, UOF-354M, USh-354T, UBR-354A, UBR-354B. Sleeves are empty 57mm and 76m. Ammunition box empty and full.

AM35602 Artillery limber 52-r-353

Own crew options for winter and summer

Dioramas bases
Unpainted, of course.

And perhaps the most interesting

AM35617 Zis-2 conversion, early Zis-3
AM35617  1

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Hello, does a english version of their website exist? A bit surprised zvezda hasn’t released a ka 52 yet when arma did.

Alas, only the Russian version of the site. Zvezda is generally “a cat that walks by itself.”

they released other russian helicopter so I don’t see why ka 52 woud be out for them, tempted by their T72B1, T90 and A350 1000 atm